How to Install TV Wall Mount in Metal Studs

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Mounting in to Steel Studs

All About the Kitchen recommends installing your TV Wall Mount in to steel studs using the procedures below. This will ensure your TV is mounted properly without the fear of it falling off the wall. 🙂

Step 1: Purchase the Correct Hardware

In cases where your wall studs are composed of wood, standard lag bolts or screws work great as fasteners. Unfortunately, metal stud construction makes things more difficult and necessitates special hardware for reliable support.

You'll need hardware that is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the television and long enough to reach the metal studs because they are hollow and small. Although there are a few possibilities, a snap toggle is the best solution.

Snap toggles can be used as an anchor to install a flat-screen TV through metal, drywall, and plaster since they are more durable than toggle bolts or drill toggles.

The Snaptoggle we recommend may be purchased from Amazon here.

Toggler Snaptoggle Bolts

Step 2. Find the studs

You can use a stud finder to locate your metal studs beneath the drywall just like you would their wooden equivalents. Since most metal studs are only about 1.25" wide, it will be crucial to drill them precisely in the middle.

In the general vicinity of where you intend to put your television, run the stud finder along the wall. Along the vertical plane, make multiple pencil marks along the left and right edges. Since you'll need to identify the precise center later, use a little drill bit to probe under the drywall to more precisely locate the studs' edges. A few carefully placed pilot holes won't be seen once the job is finished because these holes will be hidden below the TV.

Step 3. For Proper Positioning Pre-Drill the Pilot Holes

In the end, you'll need to drill a 1/2 "hole to accommodate the snap toggle, but you should first use a smaller drill bit to make sure the hole is precisely in the center of the stud. To align the holes for the mount on the wall, use the television mount template. To ensure that the TV is installed straight, use a level. Once the pilot holes have been drilled beforehand, you can drill the larger 1/2" holes more precisely.

Step 4. Attach the Bracket after Insterting the Hardware

The snap toggles must be mounted vertically so that they align with the metal studs. By doing this, you can make sure the wall bracket won't rock when it's mounted. The wings should open vertically behind the flange once each bolt has been inserted and rotated.

Before tightening the nuts, make sure the bracket is level. They ought to be fastened to the stud and the drywall. We advise you to put a snap toggle in each of the TV mount's holes. Each bolt will nevertheless give your TV more support even if it doesn't align with a metal stud.

Step 5. Mount Your TV to the Wall

Once you’ve tightened the mounting bracket securely to the wall, you can hang your TV using the manufacturer's recommended method.

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